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Be alerted if your health or disease detoriates. We assist you, your physician, or health care provider to proactively react to change.

What do we do?

CareTelCom AB supply tools, systems and services based on on-line wireless health monitoring and interaction, aiming at increasing empowerment and quality of life for individuals and cost efficiency for care providers, pharma industry, payers and others.

The CareTelCom concept is based on the idea that the individual patient shall be affected or disturbed as little as possible. CareTelCom primarily makes use of ordinary mobile/cell phone systems and standardised small and lightweight non-invasive biosensors that are available on the market.


  topolHealth care in general and especially the areas of diagnostics, pharmaceutics and medical technology have during recent years been through a most dynamic and astonishing development. In this context mapping of the human genome and increasing understanding of the interaction of each person’s individual DNA-structure and new more powerful drugs is of enormous importance. This development has led to increasing chances for survival also for patients suffering from diseases that only twenty years ago would have been disastrous. With support from continuously ongoing (life long) medication and support in changes of life style, many patients suffering from chronic diseases can now live a tolerable life. However, in most cases this means demand for frequent calibration of medication, changes in lifestyle and if possible continuous monitoring. This of course creates a great communicative problem. Along with this goes a growing trend towards focus on patients well being in daily life. The patient’s appreciation of her or his well being when she or he occasionally meets with the doctor could be something totally different from normal daily life.


The challenge

In Sweden more than 45 % of total population and > 80 % of those older than 65 suffer from at least one chronic disease. Costs for care of chronic diseases amount to 80-85 % of county councils total cost. According to the Economist he proportion of the population above 65 is believed to approach 70 % by 2030. Based on data from OECD people working in care are expected to diminish by approx. 30 % until the same year.

The solution

The one factor strongest driving costs and demand for increasing resources is hospitalization. Hospitalization can be reduced and patient’s quality of health increased by use of e-health and mobile-health based systems and concepts. Through continuous monitoring of patients, care can be planned based on actual needs and hazardous events can be hampered by in time intervention. In order to enable the rich possibilities offered by mobile-health there is need for radical rethinking. Care must be based on the patient’s or individuals terms and her or his impact and influence must be taken advantage of. This means demand for new care processes and also following organizational and structural change.


Since 2000 CareTelCom AB has been working on development of mobile-health based concepts and systems aiming at continuous monitoring of patients and individuals and early prediction of increasing probability for soon upcoming hazardous events. Key themes in the work are simplicity, low costs, use of of-the-shelf equipment and standardization of communication and interfaces.

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